4 Best Places to Live in Costa Rica

4 Best Places to Live in Costa Rica

For many years, people have been searching for the premier retirement destination. Aside from having a simple lifestyle, retirees sought for the best place to experience mild and tolerable climates, finer quality of healthcare, amazing sceneries, leisure activities, and most importantly, a lower cost of living. Costa Rica is known for its established and expat-welcoming communities across the country. For decades, expats, retirees, and tourists would claim that they have experienced Pura Vida in the country. “Pure Life” is the literal translation, and this doesn’t give justice to it. People enjoy everything and appreciate every small thing in Costa Rica from the food, views, relaxation, and the simple lifestyle the country has to offer. There is no wonder why people, especially the expats, call this place “home.”


There are so many options to choose from in picking the best retirement spot. Before choosing, make sure to have a list of your preferences. Here is a list of the top 4 retirement haven we can offer:

The Central Valley – a highland plain where 70% of Costa Rica’s population lives. At the heart of the Valle Central is the capital city of San Jose, this is nation’s undisputed political, economic, and cultural center. In here, you’ll find museums, theaters, government buildings, and the University of Costa Rica. The weather is consistently cool, it does not get too hot or too cold in the area, that is what Central Valley is best known for. It is guaranteed that Central Valley fits your needs. You can choose from having the amenities and fast-paced city life or the friendly expat community, great shopping, and slow-paced rural life.

The Nicoya Peninsula and the Northern Pacific – this is the most preferred choice of sand and surf lovers who desired a dependable dry season and an endless supply of beaches. The Nicoya Peninsula is 150 kilometers long and averaging a width of 50 kilometers. It is a surfer haven, and you can find most of the fun just along the coast. The only disadvantage of this area is that you won’t have all the conveniences like of that in Central Valley because the banks, supermarkets, theaters, etc. are only available on nearby inland towns. Although this place is not the most convenient of them all, people are drawn to the Nicoya Peninsula because of its healthy lifestyle, warm climate, and proximity to the beach that will not cost you a fortune.

The South Pacific Coast – termed as Costa Rica’s Amazon, this place is hotter and more lushly verdant than the central coast. The Southern Zone is wilder, less populated, and less developed than any other places in Costa Rica. This location will give you an organic living and wild, west feel. Tamarindo is one of the major tourist spots here. Tamarindo Homes are a great investment opportunity. as the It is renowned for its excellent surf spots, including Pavones, it is the home of what some would call as the longest wave in the world. Most expats of the Southern Zone are concentrated in their three main towns such as Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal. Dominical is a small surf village that serves as the gateway to the region. Meanwhile, Uvita is a commercial hub where we can find the banks, supermarkets, hardware stores, and pharmacies. Lastly, Ojochal is a jungle village where many gourmet restaurants are located and are run by international expat foodies. The South Coast will give you a nature-living life with a mix of modern conveniences.

The Caribbean Coast – also known as Zona Caribe, is the most ethnically diverse area in the country. It is the part of Costa Rica where most of the minorities live. Like most of the coastal areas in the tropics, the climate is warm and humid most of the days, but the sea breeze cuts the heat and helps the temperature to cool down at night time. Also, you will find the most stunning beaches of Costa Rica at the Caribbean Coast. You will see long unspoiled stretches of white, golden, and black sand beaches with palm trees and thick jungle. Businesses situated in this area are usually small and locally run such as seafood restaurants, boutiques, yoga studios, and beach bars. Although some people find this place underdeveloped, many people who seek relaxation and comfort still go to the Caribbean. You have to be flexible and versatile to live comfortably with the natural environment. Please visit Sotheby’s of Costa Rica to see the best selection of Costa Rica Real Estate.